Corporate Summary

The ‘2ft Orthotics’ system has been tested, refined and proven over 25 years; our technology originated from Canada. Every year, we provide thousands of people with relief from pain, you can say, they regain their freedom to live without daily pain.

Established in Singapore since 1995, more than 35,000 have experienced relief from their foot, knee or back pain.

The ‘2ft Orthotics’ system utilizes a pre-molded orthotic shell; this shell is structurally designed to resemble the shape of a normal foot. The ‘base shell’ is then customized for each foot and its related foot problem.

The system is built on an understanding that the human foot has a degree of adaptability. Based on this knowledge, the ‘2ft Orthotics’ will gently reshape and realign the foot when the client stands on his/her customized orthotics.

Upon reshaping and realigning the bones, muscles and tendons of the foot, comfort is immediate.

The ‘2ft Orthotics’ scan system captures the weight distribution of the clients foot; based on this and a proprietary ’bio-mechanical foot rating system’; the correct orthotic is designed and produced.

Our ‘2ft Orthotics’ technicians are extensively trained to design and produce custom fitted orthotics to set standards. Utilising digital calipers, each orthotic is crafted to within a 1mm set tolerance. Some of our current technicians have designed and produced more than a thousand pairs of orthotics.

The ‘2ft Orthotics’ company is the first orthotic provider to give our clients 1 year ‘structural warranty’ and 1 year ‘comfort guarantee’.