Correcting Children Feet

If your child is experiencing problems like tired feet, tripping and falling often, standing with poor posture or underperforming in sports activities, then he might be flat footed. According to medical research, a child’s foot should have a visible arch by four years old.

Foot Function
A normal foot has more than one arch. The two main arches, longitudinal (side) and metatarsal (forefoot), have three main functions as (1) a shock absorbing system, (2) for body balancing, and (3) as a rigid level to propel the body forward. Thus, if the arches of your child’s feet are not developing properly, his ability to stand, walk and run will be affected.

Problem and Solution
Flat-footedness can arise from various causes like ill-fitting shoes, injury or genetics. The best time to start correction is after the age of four. Custom fitted Orthotics will reshape and realign the arches of the feet.

With Orthotics, your child will feel more comfortable and confident standing, walking and running.