Correcting Children Feet

What is the best age to correct a flat foot?
The age of 4 to 12 is the optimum time for correction; while the child’s foot is growing.

Are the custom made Orthotics comfortable?
Yes. Your child will enjoy wearing his custom Orthotics as he will feel total comfort while standing, walking and running.

Will my child require larger shoes?
No. Your child wears the same size shoe; provided they are of the correct size.

My child’s foot is growing. How often will I have to replace the Orthotics?
Based on our experience, 8 out of 10 children can wear orthothics for 18 months before replacement.

Is the correction guaranteed?
Base on 25 years of accumulated experience, we have concluded your child has a 90% chance of complete correction.

Thus to help your child correct his flat foot, custom fitted Orthotics would reshape and realign the arches of their feet.

It is important that the Orthotics are adjusted periodically according to the degree of correction required. As your child’s feet develop their arches, less correction is required. A trained Orthotics technician will ensure the Orthotics are not over correcting or under correcting.

In European countries, custom orthotics have a 100 year history.