1) What is the life span of ‘2ft Orthotics’?
The average life span is 3 to 5 years. We have clients that wear them for longer however, due to material fatigue the effectiveness or the orthotics will reduce over time. It is important to have an orthotic tune-up every 2 years.

2) What is the cause of flat feet?
There are many possibilities:
  1. style of walking
  2. hereditary
  3. the type of shoes worn as a child Or adult
  4. a sport injury, etc.

Why are all custom made orthotics so expensive?

  1. The type of materials that are used
  2. Craftsmanship- your orthotics are hand made
  3. The warranty and service- 100% Comfort Guarantee

4) Will my orthotics fit into all my existing shoes or will I have to purchase a larger size?
For Men: It will fit 99% of all your shoes; including sport shoes

For Woman: it will fit, on average, 80% of all your shoes. Shoes with a heel height of more then 4 cm is not recommended. (1.5 inches)

For sandals or open back shoes, or clients use double sided tape or Velcro to secure it to the shoe.


What type of shoe would you recommend?
The following are the features of a healthy shoe;

  1. Shoes with a solid hard heel; flat shoes are not recommended
  2. A stiff, non-flexible mid-sole. (middle of the foot arch)
  3. Shoes with laces or a strap that cross the foot to hold it in place.

Test: pretend you are kicking an imaginary ball, if your shoe flies off your foot, it is not a good shoe.

6) Are you affiliated with any hospitals?
The ‘2ft Orthotics’ system is based on 35 years of orthotics history; we operate independently of all hospitals however Doctors and Orthopedic specialist send patients to us regularly. We make thousands of orthotics every year; all with a 100% comfort Guarantee.

7) Can I wash my ‘2ft Orthotics’ with soap?
Yes, you can use most any cleaner; however we recommend that you do not soak them for more then 10 minutes.

8) How long does it take to feel relief from my heel pain?
You should feel 100% comfort within 10 days.

9) Can I stop wearing them when the pain goes away?
It is recommended that you wear your orthotics for a minimum of 1 year. The foot will realign and re-shape over time, thus foot function will continue to improve.

10) Can I wear them for sports?
Yes, however, we ask that you walk with them for 2 weeks before wearing your new orthotics for sports. This gives the foot time to relax and accept the realignment of the foot.

11) Do I get a discount if I purchase 2 pairs?
If you order a 2nd pair on the same day, you will receive a S $50.00 discount.


What is the difference between ‘2ft Orthotics’ and other orthotics on the market?
There are 3 key differences are;

  1. The ‘2ft Orthotics’ have a raise in the front to support the metatarsal arch. (90% of all orthotics do not have this feature.
  2. The ‘2ft Orthotics’ are ¾ length and therefore fit your existing shoes
  3. The ‘2ft Orthotics’ have a proprietary flex control system, this anti-torsion bar controls the outward roll and inward roll of the foot upon contact and weight bearing and propulsion.